What you do makes all the difference.

Once you have asked employees to share their voices, thoughts, and feedback, the most powerful thing you can do is to use that data to take action — not taking action creates mistrust, erodes morale, and diminishes your people – the exact opposite of the VIBE you want to create.  Loutel helps you take action by working with your team to create a strategic plan.

Strategic Planning

Along the employee life-cycle, there are many opportunities to positively impact your enterprise VIBE.  The VIBE Strategic Planning Process integrates your enterprise strategic plan and ensures that organizational vision, values, goals, and KPIs are realized. Based on the data, we will help you choose where along the employee life-cycle you want to begin your journey to a better VIBE and will design a strategic plan to get you there. 

In helping you to act, we provide the following services along the way.