We are asked often what Loutel means. And as we tell the story to clients, colleagues, partners, friends, and new acquaintances, we’ve come to understand not just what Loutel means, but what Loutel stands for.

Robyn and Tina met in 2016 at a women’s networking event. They developed a professional relationship and soon recognized the value of the intersection of Tina’s employment law practice and Robyn’s work in corporate culture and inclusion, belonging, and equity. Neither were in a position to formally combine practices at that time – Tina was at a law firm and Robyn had just launched a new DEI business strategy firm. But they knew they wanted to work together.

They first partnered in writing and reviewing on-line training modules for an international e-learning platform, serving as North American compliance counsel. They later developed an unlawful harassment and discrimination educational program, and as the #MeToo movement became entrenched, they trained hundreds of employees at dozens of companies. They became friends, going to networking events together, driving to deliver trainings, and even joined forces on a legal case. They began to affectionately refer to themselves as “Thelma and Louise” after the characters in the movie starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. You might remember these two friends who went on a crazy road trip together and took on the world.

When the stars finally aligned and Robyn and Tina were able to partner full-time, they tried to find a name for their new venture. Robyn shared with Tina that her grandmother’s name was Thelma, but that her real name had been Tilly. After trying to come up with every combination of their actual names, they turned to Thelma and Louise. Louise became Lou and Thelma became Til and then Tel, and then … Loutel was born. When a friend told them to research the definition of loutel on Urban Dictionary, they found something remarkable. Loutel is described as, “A cute and beautiful girl who is very sociablemakes friends easily, has an amazing personality, and is hardworking.” Tina and Robyn knew they had struck corporate gold.

But Loutel is much more than a derivation of Thelma and Louise or two sociable, hardworking girls. Loutel is a partnership built on the strongest foundation – a trusted relationship – and that is the core of who we are. We create trusted relationships with our clients, our partners, our team, and approach every interaction with the highest level of integrity, ethics, and care. So, what’s in our name?  See for yourself.