The Team


Christina M. Reger, Esq.
Law and Compliance Counselor and Founder

Robyn Forman Pollack, Esq.
Workplace Culture Strategist and Founder

Loutel.  What’s In A Name?

We are asked often what Loutel means. And as we tell the story to clients, colleagues, partners, friends, and new acquaintances, we’ve come to understand not just what Loutel means, but what Loutel stands for. Read our story.

Jacqueline D. Hopkins, Esq.
Employment Law Attorney & DEI Consultant

Nu’Rodney Prad
Social Justice, Racial Equity, Gender Identity Expert

Michael Harris Esq.
Employment Law Attorney

Kevin Pitts
DEI Consultant, Strategy and Facilitation

Murali Bali, Ph.D
Loutel Consultant – DEI Communications

Rasagna Holt
Talent Acquisition Expert

Lisa M. Fitzgerald, Esq.
Employment Law Attorney & DEI Consultant

Karen Spencer Kelly, Esq.
DEI Expert

Shelton Goode, PhD
Loutel Executive Strategic DEI Partner

Fiona Jamison, PhD
Data Scientist

Darrell “Coach D” Andrews
Expert Facilitator, Speaker, Consultant

Morgan Termyna
Administrative Assistant