You will never know if you don’t ask.

The most effective way to determine employee experience is to ask. Assessment of your workforce allows you to determine Point A so we can help create effective strategy to get you to Point B. Our data science team identifies areas of strength and opportunity and helps you prioritize the most impactful short and long-term actions. The Loutel VIBE Assessment Tool™ gives your enterprise a unique lens into specific cultural areas like trust, fairness, psychological safety, and growth mindset that traditional engagement surveys typically do not. 

And if you’ve got data already, don’t worry.  Loutel’s data scientists analyze what you have and identify any gaps. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Loutel VIBE Assessment Tool™

Individual Interviews

Focus Groups

Audit and Analysis of Existing Data and Demographics

Loutel VIBE Assessment Tool

  • 43 quantitative scale questions
  • Measures Voice, Inclusion, Belonging, Equity and 6 other cultural indices, plus one Employee Retention Index
  • Up to 9 different demographic dimensions
  • One qualitative open-end question
  • Includes your organization’s VIBE Score so you can see how you compare to top performing enterprises