Your Questions About Safety in Reopening Your Business Answered

Your Questions About Safety in Reopening Your Business Answered

By Christina M. Reger, Esq.

Late last week, while most of us were preparing for barbecues and maybe even beach time, struggling to find some sense of normalcy for an Independence Day holiday, in a time when independence has taken on an entirely new perspective, the Department of Labor issued some answers to some of your burning questions. Well, more specifically, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (better known as OSHA) issued a laundry list of answers to questions related to cleaning, construction, masks, restroom facilities, as well as testing, training and retaliation.

The Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs) lead to links which provide an entire plethora of guidance to employers on a wide variety of topics. Suffice it to say, OSHA generally recommends that employers encourage workers to wear face coverings at work. 

Employers should also know that the FAQ provide employees with information on where to go and how to file a complaint if they feel their employer is not protecting them from exposure of if they feel they are being retaliated against for raising workplace issues.

Don’t be one of those employers that does not take action. There is A LOT of information out there for employers. Make sure you have the answer and if you don’t know, consult an employment attorney who can assist you.

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